Garlic Parmasean Fan Rolls

It’s getting to be too hot for stews, but I had a relatively tough roast in the fridge that needed eating, so I made Beef Ragu for dinner this weekend.

It smelled amazing.   It wasn’t quite as amazing to eat, but that’s okay – the rolls I made to go with it were.

These are based loosely on the Gourmet Buttermilk Fantails.  I saw the recipe, and immediately thought "Those would be so much better with garlic butter!".

So I made my own garlic butter – I put an entire head of garlic in the food processor, and minced it fine. Then I melted a stick of butter, and added it to the garlic, and pulsed it a few more times.  When it was as finely minced as it was going to get, I put the bowl in the fridge overnight to infuse.

The rolls themselves are just a simple yeast bread – bloom the yeast, add to the flour, add some buttermilk.  Knead (I cheated and used the stand mixer), let rise, punch down.

Then you roll them out.  I used my fingers to spread the butter on the dough before slicing it – I never have much luck spreading melted butter evenly any other way.  I was supposed to slice it into 6 pieces, stack them, then slice in the other direction  – but I misunderstood, and just folded them back and forth in the muffin cups.  Either way would work fine – their way did look nicer.

The garlic really made them work – they stood up well to the ragu.  And they had enough butter in them that they didn’t need any added at the table.

They’d be perfect for a dinner party – just a bit fancier then garlic bread, but without significantly more work!

( see the recipe )