Chai Tea Jello

I’ve had some rather expensive issues with my oven lately, so I’ve not been doing a whole lot of baking. So when I saw this Vietnamese Coffee Jello on Live Journal the other day, it looked like nice, easy, much-needed dessert.

The only problem was that I’m not a really big coffee fan. But I do love chai tea, and I happened to have a box of chai teabags in the pantry, so I used those.

It came out really great! Rich and creamy, with just the right amount of tea and spice. You don’t usually think of jello as "spicy", but this is really good.

My next version of it is going to be an "iced tea" version – skip the sweetened condensed milk, replace all the liquid with strong iced tea, and replace the unflavored gelatin with a box of lemon jelllo. Stay tuned!

( see the recipe )