Frosted Chewies

Like everyone else in the 80’s, I grew up repurposing cereal into snacks and desserts.  Rice Krispy bars, Chex Mix in a million variations, and chocolate-covered cereal and pretzel mixes.    I’ve grown out of most of them -although I do have a great browned-butter Rice Krispy treat recipe – but this one I’ve kept around. 

I put the Special K in my biggest mixing bowl while the sugar/peanut butter/corn syrup comes to a boil.  Then pour the syrup over the cereal, being very careful not to spill it – it’s both hot and sticky, so if you get it on your skin, it will cause burns fast. 

Mix it up to get all the cereal coated, and then press it into a buttered pan.  I butter the pan first, then pour in the cereal mixture, then butter my fingers to press it down until it’s firmly packed.  You could also butter a piece of parchment paper and press down on that, if you don’t want to get your fingers greasy.

Then melt the chocolate and butterscotch chips – this is my mother’s recipe, so it says to use a double-boiler, but I just melt them in the microwave.  Put them in for 30 seconds, stir, and repeat until they’re melted.  When I’m feeling particularly decadent, I double the topping and use one entire bag each of chocolate and butterscotch chips.

Put them in the fridge to set, but take them out before you plan to cut them.  At room temperature, they’re gooey and wonderful.  Straight out of the fridge, they tend to be a bit hard to cut (or bite), but I eat them that way occasionally too.

( see the recipe )