I’m Tina Marie, a software developer in Texas. I’ve been cooking and baking most of my life, and finally decided to start a baking blog.

You can find me on Twitter at BakingAisle, or email me at tina@bakingaisle.com.

Recipes are posted here using custom-written PHP code. I enter them on my Mac using YummySoup!, then use the recipecast feature to publish them to a me.com site. From there, a PHP script copies them here and puts them in a database. More code watches the blog for new posts, and adds backlinks from the recipes back to the blog posts. It also automatically adds links to all the flickr-hosted pictures, pointed back to the post where they were used.

3rd-party software used includes CFPropertyList for parsing the YummySoup XML files, phpFlickr, and, of course, WordPress.

Hope you enjoy browsing the site as much as I enjoyed putting it together!