Chocolate Pavlovas

Sometimes, I bake because I want a snack.  Sometimes, I bake because I see something that looks interesting to try.  And sometimes I bake because I feel like spending a whole day baking.

This is one of those all-day-baking recipes.  It’s originally from the Daring Bakers June Challenge, but I wasn’t a Daring Baker, so I didn’t see it until the end of June, and didn’t made it until the end of July. 

It really was an all-day recipe.  I got up early to get the meringue bases in the oven before it got too humid.  I’ve made meringues before, but usually around Christmas, and never flavored.  Getting the cocoa powder folded into the eggs was a pain, but I got there eventually.  I piped them into rounds, and they went in the oven for 3 hours. 

Even without the rest of the recipe, the meringues were good to munch on their own.  I kept thinking they’d make a great base for ice cream sandwiches.

While they were baking, I made the creme anglaise.  It wasn’t particularly difficult – it’s just basically a custard.  After it cooled, it got thinned with a bit more mascarpone cheese and some heavy cream, to make it suitable for drizzling.

I waited until the meringues were out of the oven and cooling before I started on the mousse.  I didn’t know you could whip mascarpone cheese to soft peaks, but it does work!  Once it was done, it was easy to just pipe the mousse onto the meringues, and dribble it with the cream.

I’d make this again, although maybe not all together unless I was looking for an impressive “having people over for dinner” dessert.  I didn’t think the drizzled cream added much besides looks.  The mousse was wonderful, though, and will become my default chocolate mousse recipe.  And the meringues will make an amazing base for all sorts of things.  In fact, I think I have some leftover vanilla ice cream in my freezer right now…

( See the recipe )

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  1. It is 4 in the morning, I have dessert envy. Creme Anglaise with mascarpone? Wow. Brilliant, I bet these were devine. Perhaps if I am feeling sparky and the humidity is low I will give these a try.