Almond Butter Pie

Every Sunday, I clean out the fridge when I get home from the grocery store.  Usually, I just go through all the leftovers, dairy, and produce, toss what’s bad, and move the rest to the front so I don’t forget about it.

But this weekend I went though the condiment shelf, and realized there were 2 half-empty jars of smooth peanut butter and one half-empty jar of Trader Joe’s almond butter.  I like my peanut-butter-on-toast to be crunchy, so the peanut butter was most likely leftover from the peanut butter cups I made for Christmas.  The almond butter I brought back from a trip, but it ended up forgotten at the back of the shelf.

So, what to do with it?  I’m going to make cookies with the peanut butter, so I went looking for something else – and I found a peanut butter pie recipe.  I’ve had peanut butter pie, and I thought the almond butter would make a great variation on it.

I started with Paula Deen’s recipe, because you can’t go wrong with her Southern recipes.  I replaced the peanut butter with the almond butter, and the graham cracker crust with a standard pie crust, since I had one in the fridge.

The rest of it was trivial – whip the cream, then mix everything else together until smooth, then fold in the whipped cream.  I saved some of the whipped cream for a garnish.

It’s amazingly rich – you’ll probably want to serve very small slices.  The almond butter made it noticeably different then a standard peanut-butter pie.  If I’d thought ahead, I would have garnished it with some toasted almonds, but it really didn’t need them.

It’s not the most photogenic dessert ever, but it certainly makes up for it with taste!

( see the recipe )

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