I decided the perfect snack food for the weekend would be a batch of blondies.

We love blondies, and there’s a great bakery down the road that makes amazing ones – buttery and gooey without being cloyingly sweet.

So I went looking for a blondie recipe this afternoon, and found the Bobby Flay recipe on Food Network. I had everything except the toffee chips.

But I have a great toffee recipe. Mine is normally made with nuts and covered in chocolate, but can easily be simplified. I cooked it just a little hotter then it called for, just over 300F instead of 290F, just to make sure it would break cleanly.

The most important part of making any candy is having a good thermometer. I’ve bought a lot of them, and for a long time I despaired of ever finding one that worked. I’ve done the analog ones with dials, the probe-type ones, and I even tried one of the IR types you just point at the pan. None of them worked consistently.

Then I bought a Thermapen. It’s fast, precise, and accurate. Yes, it was expensive, but I’d spent more the that on an entire drawer of cheap thermometers that didn’t work. And I’ve never had another temperature-related candy failure since.

Anyway, I cooked the toffee to 300F, and instead of pouring it over nuts into a 13×9, I poured it out onto a SilPat on a cookie sheet. It took about half an hour to cool enough to be brittle, then I used the back of a heavy knife to shatter it into small pieces. Half of them got saved for blondies tomorrow – the other half are going to be snacks for later.

Because woman cannot live by blondies alone.

( see the recipe )

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