Art of Darkness Brownie

Brownies are generally filed into two categories: fudgy and cakey. These are somewhere in-between – they’ve got the dense chocolate flavor of a fudgy brownie, but the texture is more cake-like.

You can rarely go wrong with Good Eats recipes, and this is no exception. Beat the eggs, add the sugars, add the butter, and then add the dry ingredients. I do it all in my stand mixer – I use the whisk for the eggs and the sugar, then switch to the paddle for the rest of the ingredients. The sifting is important – if you don’t sift the sugars and the cocoa, you’ll end up with weird clumps of sugar or cocoa in the batter, and you’ll end up having to mix it longer then you should in order to smooth it out.

This is a recipe that requires a very good cocoa. I’m fond of the Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa, but any really good, really dark, cocoa will do.

I usually find they take longer to bake then the recipe calls for – it may be my pan, my oven, or just my preferred doneness.

They’re very much worth waiting for, though.

( see the recipe )

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