Lemon Rolls

Once a month or so, I have friends over to play Wii games and eat junk food.  It’s perfect – I can spend the day baking, and I get plenty of feedback on what worked and didn’t work.

And these worked.

The recipe is from The Kitchen – Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze.

They took a while to make – 2 hours, at least, of rest time, plus half an  hour or so of hands-on time – but were otherwise not complicated.  And I’d never made cinnamon rolls before!

The dough goes in a stand mixer, or you can knead it by hand.  I added half a teaspoon of lemon oil to the dough just to give it a bit more lemon-ness.  Let it rise for an hour (it was cold yesterday, so I gave it a bit longer), then roll it out.

I have one of those silicone pastry mats, and it makes projects like this much less painful – instead of cleaning flour off the counter (which always results in flour all over the floor) – you just roll out your dough, then pick up the mat and dump it over the trash can.

This dough gets rolled out into a big rectangle, then covered with butter and the sugar filling.  I cheated, and I melted and then cooled the butter instead of just softening it.  That way I could just pour it over the dough, and spread it around with a pastry brush to get perfect coverage.

Then you roll it up, slice it, and put them in a 13×9 to raise for another hour, until they look like this:

Lemon Rolls

Then bake.  While they’re baking, make the frosting.  I tried to mix it by hand with a whisk, but I ended up with small lumps of cream cheese, even though it was very soft to start with.  I’d recommend doing it in a mixer or with a food processor.

The only change I’m going to make when I do them again (and I will do them again!) is to double the cream cheese in the glaze.  It came out too much like a glaze and not enough like cream cheese frosting.  Letting them cool a bit longer before I put the glaze on would have helped, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are a few left over in the fridge, and they’ll make a great breakfast….

( see the recipe )

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